PV Power Plant Astonfield, India

Review of the Technical Status for a 12 MWp PV Power Plant

The objectives of the assignment were:

  • Evaluation of the current technical condition of the power plant under consideration of flood events in previous years

The scope of work covered the following aspects:

  • Inspection of power plant to determine the root causes of any detected damages and underperformance
  • Evaluation of impacts regarding a recent flood event in the power plant
  • Investigation of the general condition of the power plant and in particular the structural and electrical conditions as well as the state of its installed components

Review of the Technical Status for a 12 MWp PV Power Plant



Year of Mandate


Year of Commisioning


Key Technical Data

  • Total capacity: 12 MWp
  • PV technology: poly crystalline
  • Inverter manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Grid connection: 11 kV substation
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Marc Böhnke sailor, working @evergy since 2007
Astonfield war für uns ein Initial-Projekt in Indien. Toll finde ich auch die ersten spanischen Projekte, die jetzt ohne Förderung auskommen. Und wir sind ganz vorne dabei.
Astonfield was our foray into India. The first Spanish projects that are now running without any subsidies are also fantastic. And we’re right up there with the leaders in the field.
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