open minded engineers are always welcome.

Evergy Engineering GmbH » Working @ EN

Do you want to be free in your thinking and free in what you do? Do you enjoy broadening your horizons? Do you love digging deep into exciting, technical issues? If the answer is yes, then you’ll feel right at home at Evergy.

What you study, and your grades are of course important, but they are not everything. It also matters that you would work well in our team. And if there’s something you haven’t mastered yet, then you’ll master it at Evergy. Each and every employee’s development is important to us and we’ll find the right fit for you and your unique skills.

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Evergy Engineering GmbH » Working @ EN
Birgit Langenbrinck yogi, working @evergy since 2003
Wir versuchen jeden so gut es geht in seinem Prozess und in seinem Lebensabschnitt zu unterstützen. Das muss aber auf Gegenseitigkeit beruhen. Wir bekommen viel Engagement und Zuspruch zurück.
We try to support each individual as best we can with his or her path and whatever his or her stage of life. But this has to be a two way process. In return, we get a team that’s committed and motivated.
meet Birgit

Engineer for our Munich office

(Evergy is an equal opportunity employer)

So, if the following applies to you
  • a Master’s degree in a technical area of study
  • a desire to keep on learning and continue growing
  • a passion for renewable energy
  • you see yourself working in a diverse team of like-minded people
  • you love a challenge
then the Evergy team would love to
  • work closely with you
  • share our passion for technical details with you
  • offer you an international area of activity
  • work with you to explore new possibilities
  • let you work freely

We look forward to receiving your application!

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Have we made an impression on you? If what we do is precisely your thing, then please apply to us now. We always have room for someone who’s a perfect fit!

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